Nick Crossley on Relational Sociology

In this podcast I talk to Nick Crossley about his recent book Towards Relational Sociology. The interview covers relational sociology, interdisciplinary approaches to social theory, the future of social theory and the contested status of quantitative methods.


Simon Williams on the Sociology of Sleep

In this podcast Simon Williams talks about his new book the Politics of Sleep. While sleep is often taken to be a entirely private and natural part of human life, in recent years it has been the subject of a rich vein of interdisciplinary research.

As well as exploring the political dimensions to contemporary discourses and practices of sleep, the interview addresses some of the broader questions which sleep raises, situating these issues in terms of theories of modernity and human nature.

The Sociology of Sleep

Stephen Turner on Normativity

In this podcast Stephen Turner, plenary speaker for the theory stream at this year’s BSA conference, talks about his new book Explaining the Normative. The discussion explores changing theories of normativity and the different meanings they hold for philosophy and social science.

Explaining Normativity

Apologies for the poor sound quality of the recording. We had trouble finding a venue for the interview so it was conducted in a bar.

Dave Elder-Vass on the Causal Power of Social Structures

In this podcast Dave Elder-Vass talks about his new book The Causal Power of Social Structures. The interview covers a wide range of topics within social theory: emergence, causality, agency, social structure and normativity.

Along with Stephen Turner’s recent book on normativity, this will be the topic for Theory stream plenary session at the British Sociological Association’s annual conference in April.

The Causal Power of Social Structures

Public Universities and Public Futures

A round table session from Discourses of Dissent investigating how academic research, with a particular focus on social theory, might help us articulate and work towards a positive vision of shared futures which escape the discursive constraints which have defined the public life of the UK since the 1980s.

The session will also explore the practical resolution of the tensions facing the university system. What are the most pressing issues faced by universities? Is a satisfactory resolution of these tensions possible without radical reform? Is there a need to move beyond critique?

Public Universities and Public Futures

Steve Fuller, University of Warwick – What are we defending when we defend public universities?

Dan Hind – Media Reform and the Public University

John Holmwood, University of Nottingham – The idea of the public

An introduction to asexuality

In this podcast Mark Carrigan (a researcher focused on asexuality) and Michael Dore (an asexual mathematician) lead an introductory workshop about asexuality. For more information about asexuality visit, the Asexuality Visibility and Education Network.

An introduction to Asexuality

A couple of articles about asexuality which have featured on Sociological Imagination:

Reflections on a year spent studying asexuality

Pathology and Asexual Politics